Accessible Marketing Experience and Expertise

to value the differentiation of businesses
in a constantly changing world

A flexible and collaborative solution

that adapts to your needs and budget

Customer Strategy expertise

in France and abroad

Optimizing your Brand and Client Assets

with vision, reflections and concrete solutions

Your best Customer Experiences

personalized on all your distribution channels

Your Part-Time CMO

More Sense and Customer Experience
More Loyal Customers and
More Performance !

Laurence CIORA

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The MeridioPlus Methodology

Your Part-Time CMO

Discover your business

  • Define your needs and the goals to acheive
  • Make an inventory and propose of diagnosis of your situation
  • Set a roadmap together

Be with your teams, in your company, a few days a week or a month

  • Determine your differentiating marketing strategy, including vision, purpose, values and brand platform
  • Set up the operational implementation of the strategy through co-constructed actions to act in the short and medium terms
  • Evaluate the results in a Test and Learn logic
  • Support your present and future transformations and developments

Share, dynamism, openness and sense of results

Issues solving with MeridioPlus

Your Part-Time CMO


  • You are not succeeding to add value to your company / to your competitors.

  • Your competitors are taking market share away from your business.

  • Your competitors are more innovative than your company

  • You don’t know how to better meet market expectations:

  • Vision, products, services, prices, distribution


  • You lose customers.

  • Some customers complain about your service quality.

  • You don’t recruit enough new clients.

  • You don’t have a customer database to know them and get them more loyal.

  • You have difficulties with customer retention.


  • Your last new product launch was a failure.
  • You lost a market because of non competitive prices.
  • You lost a distribution network.
  • Your competitors communicate better you do, your brand is not recognized enough.
  • Your website is not performing.


  • You don’t know how to build a marketing plan.
  • How to manage Marketing budget with new drivers?
  • You can’t control your communication expenses.
  • You find it difficult to develop internationally.


  • You have difficulty motivating marketing and sales teams.
  • Your company is not perceived as attractive, you have difficulty recruiting.

You are …

  • Director of medium-sized SMEs or mid-caps, in BtoB or BtoC

  • In a context of significant change in your business models (commercial evolution, cross channel and digital transformation, growth, international development)

  • You do not have Marketing skills to carry out these (r) evolutions

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Contact me

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